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All consultations are conducted according to the code of ethics as laid down by the Society of Homeopaths and as such are confidential. Private consultations take place by appointment only at the clinic.

Home visits may be available depending on the circumstance and may incur an additional cost for travel.

Skype consultations are available if travelling a distance would otherwise prevent attendance.

The 1st appointment may last up to 90 minutes in order that the homeopath can get as much detail as possible about your health and what you want to gain from treatment.

You will encouraged to talk about why you want homeopathy and to give information about your sleep,energy, appetite, likes and dislikes, and any other family medical history.

The more information you can give the better. It doesnt matter what you choose to talk about but just to be honest and "say it as it is ". I may ask some questions to gain more insight into the real you and make sure your remedy is tailor made to suit you and your exact state as opposed to another persons.

After the consultation, a full analysis of your case is made so that a remedy can be carefully chosen to suit you. This can take some time so that your remedy is given to you shortly after the consultation with directions for taking and follow up advice.

Dermatological Cases

Dermatological Cases Of Psoriasis. Atopic Dermatitis, Pigmentation, Warts, Acne, Eczema.

Tricological Cases

Tricological Cases Of Alopecia, premature Greying Of Hair, Seborrhic Dermatitis.

Gastroenterological Cases

Gastroenterological Cases Of IBS, Peptic Ulcer Diesease, Haemorrhoids, Cholelithiasis, Hepatities. Fissure, Fistula.

Endochrinological Cases

Endochrinological Cases Of Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Tyroid Disorder.

Gynaecological Cases

Gynaecological Cases Of PCOD, Uterine Fibroid, Infertility, Pelvic Inflammatory Diesease.

Sexualy Related Cases

Sexualy Related Cases Of Erectile, Dysfunction, Infertility, Genital Herpes.

Orthopedic Cases

Orthopedic Cases Of RA, OA, Cervical,Spondylosis, Calcaneal Spur, frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, Venous Thrombosis. Gout, Uricacid.

Nephrological Cases

Nephrological Cases Of Renal Calculi, Nephrotic Syndrome.

Psychatric Cases

Psychatric Cases Of Depression, Stress,Paranoia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety.

Neurological Cases

Neurological Cases Of Migrain.

Pediatric Cases

Pediatric Cases e.g Growth Related, Behavioral Cases ADHD In Childern, IQ Level, Nutritional Deficiency, Infection.Juvenile Asthama.

Respiratory Cases

Respiratory Cases Of URTI's & LRTI's, Asthama.

Cardiac Cases

Cardiac Cases and Heart Relared Disorders.

General Acute

General Acute And Chronic Ailments And Chronic Pain Management.

Dental Problems

Cavities Decay of teeth, gingivitis, Root canal, Teething problems in children.

Cancer management

Between Appointments

You will be advised to note any changes you experience after taking the remedy and to discuss them at the next follow up.
Telephone/email advice is available at no extra cost but if the enquiry lasts more than 5 minutes time then you will be advised to book in for a follow up.


Follow up Appointments

Arranged 2 to 4 weeks after depending on the remedy given.
They usually last 30 minutes to 1 hour to review your response to the remedy taken.
You may be given the same remedy to repeat, to wait and see or to take a different one. Any decision will be fully explained with you. Further treatment may be necessary with most people needing 4-6 visits to get the maximum benefit from therapy.


Advice re Diet/Lifestyle

Homeopathy is not the miracle cure and a good diet and a sensible balance between work, rest and exercise play an essential part in building and maintaining better health. I will give advice regarding any obstacles to cure where I see fit and make recommendations to see other professionals where necessary (nutritionist , physio , counselor ). If there are deep seated issues homeopathy may work best in conjunction with counselling.



Special obesity fat burning liquid prepared from all homoeopathic medicins which helps you get rid of extra belly fats as well as the fats from chin arms chest thighs hips... 100% natural with zero side effects works effectivley for the purpose it is made... Best to use with diet prescribed and 45 mints cardio to get optimum results...


Homoeopathy is a time tested therapeutic system of heading,which aims at getting to the root cause of the diseses, thereby curing the patient physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and pathologically.

Homoeopathy considers that all sysmtoms of ill health are expression of disharmony withine the whole person, and that it is the individual who needs treatment and not just the dieseas. It creates balance between mind, body and spirit; treating the man as a whole and not as individual parts.

Get Rid Of...

Cardiac Bipas, Angioplasty.
Permanent cure for Thyroid hormone disorders (Hyper, Hypo).
Unwanted allopathic medications.
Save health & Boost immunity with Homoeopathy.
Complete Management for Diabetes type 1 & 2.

It's something important you want to know.

The treatment aims at strengthening the immune system by giving proper constitutional homeopathic medicine.

The patient is requested to reveal all information relating to his/her illness. No information should be concealed from the treating doctor. Due respect and privacy will be maintained regard information given to us. Any information however trival it may appear to the patient should be told, which will enable the doctor to treat the patient efficiently and curatively. The more elaborate you are with your history the easier it is for us to arrive at the right remedy.

It's something important you want to know.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances and dispensed in lactose (sugar of milk) which is potentised in various potencies.

They are safe from any side effects and can be consumed even by small infants, by preganant mother and old people.

Medicines do not contain steroids or any chemicals and safe for prolonged use.

Meet Our Doctors!


Dr. Fahed H.Shaikh

B.U.M.S.,PGDEMS (Pune),
CCAH (Mumbai)
Regd.No.I-68628-D (Pune)


Dr. Shazia Shaikh

CCAH (Mumbai)
Regd.No.49169 (Mumbai)


Dr. Rana Imran Saudagar



Dr. Imran Saudagar

( Nasik)

see what patients are saying

One of my close friend Shantanu Hiray told me about Dr Fahed. He is my badminton buddy and when I used to discuss about Medicals queries related to my mothers health with the lot of doctors in our badminton group, Shantanu insisted me to show Dr Fahed once. Multiple problems like BP and pulse rate fluctuations. Also she was getting panic attacks. The results were outstanding. My mother recovered very fast and she still takes all her medicine religiously.Thank you for all you have done for us.

Amar Kalantri

I came to know about Dr. Fahed through my guru. I'm a stroke patient so get frequent migraines and also was suffering from arthritis. My migraines were less frequent and my knees stopped paining. I saw results within 2 months of medication. Thank you for helping me and achieving the results so fast. I was able to sit cross legged on the floor because of you. You have not only been a doctor but also a friend who I shared my worries with regards my health. Stay blessed.Thank you for all you have done for us.


My mothers friend from her class suggested us about Dr Fahed I consulted him for treating my asthma which I had since my child hood which was diagnosed as childhood asthma by doctors.. the homeopathy medicine was very helpful...it cured my asthma to a great extent...now I don't get any asthmatic attacks every now and than thanx to the medicine and thanx to Dr Fahed for giving me a healthy life with the help of his homoeopathic medicins...Thank you for all you have done for us.

Saiyyam Khanna



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